Company Gates

Company Gates is designed for all businessmen and entrepreneurs and works to provide different models for planning and ideas. The platform targets everyone who wants to develop processes in choosing ideas and planning, and it is one of the projects of Terra Ninja Company

Company Gates

Never imagine that you have exceeded your need to plan

business ideas test

Planning to build a service or product

Project establishment management

stage of development and growth

Export the feasibility study file

Company Gates

Why Company Gates ?

Expert Consultation

Technical Support

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Security and confidentiality

Planning is not about some interesting models and bright colors, but rather when you delve into your goals between charting a path, gathering information, analyzing data, and testing steps

Essam Ali Mustafa

Platform work stages

planning ideas

Ideas are the lifeblood of development that must not dry up


scamper creative thinking

opposite thinking

decision matrix

empathy map

Product construction planning

Product planning begins with continuous customer communication

business model

SWOT Analysis

Story Board


Test Card

Foundation and planning department

Establishment is one of the stages of construction and planning, one of the stages of the search for achieving goals

work plan

government actions

team chart

Used Tools

Close follow up

Use the Corporate Portal platform to turn ambiguous ideas into market insight using the tools required to test business ideas

With Company Gates You Can

Create your own guideline for launching your project

Creating solutions to meet challenges

Work on launching your project in practice

Providing training and practical courses for all entrepreneurs for free

Providing technical tools that support entrepreneurs