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The system included sections (educational – administrative – financial) and these sections included all the stages that may help educational institutions to establish an educational life that matches the changes of the era in terms of technology. Many characteristics were built on this, for example, public relations, school administration – educational administration – Student management – bus management – canteen management, etc., which will be explained in some kind of length later

The system includes many features such as financial management, human resources, student housing, library and bus management, which makes the system the best system in online education



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Public Relations Department

Admission Inquiry

Admission inquiry and registration can be done either by reviewing the admission and registration office or through the school’s website. Parents and the school can follow up on the preparation and registration cases

visitor record

It is a record of all visitors to the school, their classification, confirmation of visit cases and reminders

Phone Calls

It is a record of all incoming calls to the school in order to benefit from and manage them

Administrative messages

Outgoing and incoming administrative messages, which is a record of all administrative, operational, or school administration messages

Complaints and suggestions

It is a record of all complaints and suggestions that qualifies the administration to take action and determine the priorities of problems or proposals that must be taken urgent action regarding them.

Communication and notification department

It is considered a school news center through which you can send notifications to users - e-mail - text message

Full control of the system through

The school administration

It includes adding stages - educational classes and curricula - defining the timetable for classes and teachers’ schedules and creating certificates of success, congratulations or excellence

Student management

It includes registering new students, creating a record for students, managing their accounts, following up on students’ attendance and leaving, and creating a school identity for the student. It includes some student reports.

Curriculum management

It includes adding educational curricula and videos and adding homework to students

Exam administration

It includes a question bank for online tests and paper tests, and includes designing and printing correction pages and test reports

money management

Through it, it is possible to sell to school students, and parents can put a balance in the student's wallet, which enables the student to purchase through it

bus management

It includes defining itineraries - assigning buses, tracking buses and their costs.

Our three most important advantages

Cloud Computing

Terra-Scholes School Administration offers high-precision cloud computing systems that can provide a number of its integrated computer services in school administration without being restricted to local resources in order to facilitate the user, and these resources include space for data storage, backup, self-synchronization and migration of budgets, and also include software processing capabilities and scheduling tasks And push e-mail and print reports remotely, and when connected to the network, the user can control these resources through an easy software interface that facilitates all processing while ensuring the elements of complete user confidentiality and complete security with the ability to control remotely wherever you are anywhere in the world. TeraSchools has an easier system to monitor and manage school fees, salaries, vacations, etc.

Comprehensive and innovative solutions

Terra-Scholes, based on its mission of electronic school management services, seeks to provide high-quality technical services of superior quality, in an integrated and comprehensive manner, covering everything the student needs and taking his hand to higher and wider horizons of creativity and the pleasure of learning, while preserving his privacy and providing all the elements It also provides the guardian with the ability to follow up on his son starting from the moment he gets off the house, rides him on the bus or during his school day, and follows up on his achievement and evaluation of his teachers, and provides quantitative and qualitative reports that chart a clear path for his educational growth in an accurate and smooth manner, and also provides school owners What helps them to meet the requirements of their customers and follow the progress of the educational, administrative, supervisory, and accounting process with little effort and more creativity

Bright interface and easy to use features

The Terra-Scholes Learning Management System was designed by professors specialized in various fields of education, psychology and international software engineers to provide us with an easy-to-use software system that is comprehensive in its content, intelligent in understanding the needs of users, and we relied on the combination of high professionalism, ease and understanding of the most smooth use experience And fun, investing in that the thought and creativity of more than fifty specialists, in various technical and educational fields, through the smart agile management in professional project management