Lawyer system
For law firms

It was built with the best expertise in the field of programming from the employees of Terra Ninja Company for programming mobile applications, and the extreme privacy of law firms was taken in the implementation of the project and therefore the project was carried out according to the best protection tools available in our world
When searching for characteristics, we find the system worked to meet many of the needs of law firms, whether practical, developmental or operational, as the system comes with 2 users to use the system

law firm Interface

Office managers and employees, whether from a manager, lawyer, financial and administrative

Client Interface

Customers can also review the system in detail


Lawyer System

We build advanced mobile and web applications using latest technologies. Get our professional designers, developers and project management experts to work on your latest idea.



Reception department

Reception department, which is an independent department that enables the office to manage the reception for clients and visits, determine the reason for the visit, as well as enable the office to manage complaints or suggestions, whether from employees or customers


Through it, you can organize the process of receiving and delivering official documents. Financial management and it includes the registration of assets - purchases - customer accounts - expenses - revenues - exchange and receipt vouchers - basic financial reports


It is to start working on cases and recording all procedures that take place within the case, whether procedures - documentation - meetings - visits - sessions - judgments and can control the performance of employees and make many reports that enable you to control and control issues and implement lean management

Time Line

It is the temporal and mental map for all tasks and events, whether within the office or issues

exported and imported

It is the gateway for registering all outgoing and incoming Zoe correspondence


Record all customer data and classify them according to an individual, institution, company, or distinguished clients and others


It is a cloud file store that enables you to access all your files at any time and place with ease


It is the registration of all the cases and agencies data and the name of the opponent - classification of the client, whether the plaintiff or the defendant


It includes recording employee data and controlling their authority - attendance and departure - salaries - administrative requests - official records

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